Trend Micro Cleaner One provides a simple, quick, and safe way to deeply clean your Mac disk. No system files are affected. Just one click and all unnecessary junk files will be removed automatically.

Below are some of the unnecessary files to be removed by the Quick Disk Cleaning feature.

File Type Details
Mail Caches Email attachments are temporarily saved to the disk when you open and view them using a Mail app. Deleting mail caches will not impact original email messages or email attachments.
Application Logs Some apps create log files that may take up a lot of disk space. Deleting these log files can free up disk space.
Application Caches Some apps do not delete their caches and temporary files after use. This can take up large amounts of disk space unless they are deleted.
iTunes Temporary Files You can use iTunes to upgrade your personal iPhone or iPad and install apps. This generates a lot of temporary cache files that you don't need. Deleting these files can free up disk space. This will not delete any music, photos, or other personal documents.
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