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Secure Browsing with VPN Proxy One!

VPN Proxy One is the Best Unlimited Virtual Private Network Services for multiple Mac devices. It offers High-Speed, Secure, Stable, and Anonymous proxy connections for you to get access to various websites and applications. Enjoy a secure digital life with the non-tracking VPN and protects your online privacy.

Key Features

Effective protection of your privacy

  • It creates an encrypted tunnel for the data you send and receive to prevent cyberthieves stealing your personal information, especially when you’re on public Wi-Fi.
  • Your IP address is hidden when you turn on the VPN. This restrains others from identifying you and your location and accessing your browsing history.
  • VPN Proxy One is a “No-log” VPN that will not track your online activity. It never stores your surfing records, thereby further safeguarding your privacy.

Unlimited speed and data traffic

  • VPN Proxy One enables you to access popular stream media players and emerging applications that require high bandwidth. You can enjoy the resources on YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, or other platforms without the geographic location.
  • It is super fast and reliable. There is no throttling which means slowing down your speed once you reach a cap.

Simple and user-friendly design

  • Just by one click, you can automatically connect to the fastest and most stable server.
  • No pop-ups and no ads.


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Need Additional Help?

For inquiries and concerns, you may reach us by sending an email to mac_support@trendmicro.com.