You cannot access the saved websites on Password Manager on your Windows PC.

Reset browser settings

Before resetting your web browsers, we recommend that you back up your favorites/bookmarks.

Reset browser settings in Internet Explorer
Reset browser settings in Google Chrome
Reset browser settings in Mozilla Firefox
Clear temporary Internet files
Clear temporary Internet files in Internet Explorer
Clear temporary Internet files in Google Chrome
Clear temporary Internet files in Mozilla Firefox
Make sure PwmSvc.exe is running

If PwmSvc.exe is not running in the Task Manager, refresh all the modules of Password Manager program:

  1. Go to C: > Program Files > Trend Micro > TMIDS > PwmDiagnose.exe.
  2. Click Yes when the User Account Control window appears.
  3. Click the Components tab.
  4. Click Stop all Components and wait for the other buttons to become grayed out.
  5. Once all the buttons are already available, click Start all Components.
  6. Close the Password Manager Diagnostic window.
Enable the Password Manager Add-ons
Enable Password Manager Add-ons in Internet Explorer
Enable Password Manager Add-ons in Google Chrome
Enable Password Manager Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox
Delete the saved passwords in Password Manager and record it again
  1. Open Password Manager.
  2. Delete the non-working password.
  3. Sign in to the website of the non working password and let Password Manager record the password.
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