You receive the following notification:

"Risks Found! Suspicious interference. Your data or privacy could be at risk."

This message appears because you are using an old version of the app. The new Mobile Security includes enhanced Wi-Fi Checker to boost your security. Follow the instructions below to update your app:

Update the app in the Google Play Store
  1. On your Android device, open Google Play Store, then search for "Trend Micro Mobile Security".
  2. Tap Update, then follow the remaining instructions.
  3. After updating, check the app version in the Settings.
    1. On your Android device, open the Mobile Security app.
    2. Tap the menu icon, then select Settings.
    3. From the list, tap About. Make sure the app version is and above.
Check if the issue is resolved
  1. On the Mobile Security main console, tap Wi-Fi Checker.
  2. Disable the Wi-Fi Checker by dragging the slider to the left, then enable it again.
  3. Tap Scan, then wait for the results.
  4. If the issue persists, contact Technical Support, then provide the following details:
    • Trend Micro logs
    • Device information (Device Model, Operating System, and Network Connection)
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