When using the Secure Erase feature of the Trend Micro Security for Windows, it does not show the task progress when erasing files.

Run the Hotfix

  • To install this hotfix, you must log onto your computer using an account with administrator privileges. If you have installed software on your computer before, you probably have these privileges.
  • We recommend that you print out this document or bookmark this page before proceeding because you will be asked to restart your computer during the procedure.
  1. Open Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit.
    • For Windows 10:
      1. Click Start > All Apps > Trend Micro Security > Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit.
    • For Windows 8.1:
      1. On your keyboard, press the Windows Windows Key + C keys to open the Charms bar.
      2. Click Search.
      3. On the Search box, type Trend.
      4. Click Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit.
    • For Windows 7:
      1. Go to Start > All Programs > Trend Micro Security > More Tools and Help > Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit
  2. Click Yes when the User Account Control window appears.
  3. Click the (C) Uninstall tab.
  4. Click 5. Stop all components.

    Stop all components

  5. Wait for 10 seconds, then proceed with the next step.
  6. Click the button below to download the hotfix, then save it to your desktop.

    Download Hotfix

  7. Double-click the Ti_1700_win_en_SecureErase_hfb0001.exe icon to run it.
  8. Choose I accept the terms of the license agreement, then click Next.
  9. Click Install.
  10. When a warning window appears, click OK.
  11. Click OK when the warning window opens.
  12. Restart your computer.

You should no longer encounter the issue again and it should now show the progress of removing files.

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