ASUS announced a recent issue with certain routers discovered while conducting regular security checks. A misconfiguration in some files set up on these routers causes a temporary interruption in the network connectivity.

ASUS has acknowledged that the issue stems from an error made on their servers. To assist those affected users, they have provided a workaround that you can follow. If you're encountering any network issues, you can access additional information and solutions on ASUS' website through the following link: [Wireless Router] Interruption in Router Product Connectivity and Urgent Mitigation Measures

Furthermore, it is important to note that a corrupted file in ASUS' security system, known as ASD (Asus Security Daemon), caused the recent network connection problem and is NOT related to Trend Micro's security solution.

Need more help?

If you need further assistance and support regarding the issue, contact ASUS Support directly.

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