This article answers frequently asked questions about billing and purchasing Trend Micro programs online.

Purchase Details

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What credit cards are accepted for online purchases?
Can I update my credit card details on my Trend Micro Account?
How much does it cost?
Where can I find the billing details of my online purchase?
How can I check if my online purchase was successful?
Where can I find my program's Serial and Order Numbers in the Order Confirmation Email?
How ​many devices will my license cover?
What should I do if I need a copy of my invoice?
How long does it take for the Order Confirmation Email to be sent to me?
What is the Extended Download Service?
Where can I get instructions on downloading and installing my Trend Micro Security program other than the Order Confirmation Email?


How do I submit a cashback claim?

Common Issues

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Why did I not receive any confirmation or billing email after purchase?
I did not receive my Serial Number, where can I find it?
What should I do if my Serial Number is not in the Order Confirmation Email?
What should I do if the Shopping Cart tells that it is empty though I already placed my order?

Wrong Purchases

I purchased a Trend Micro program twice or a wrong product online, what should I do?
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