This article shows you how to use the Upload Tool to automate the process of uploading malware sample files.

This tool gathers malware samples and important information on the infected computer. Collected information will help us understand more the malware cases we receive and lead to more effective solution and tools.

Upload Malware Samples

  1. On your
    Drive, create a sample folder :
    1. On your keyboard, press the Windows Windows Key + R keys.
    2. In the Open field, type c:, then press ENTER. The Local Disk (C:) Windows Explorer window should open.
    3. On your keyboard, press CTRL + SHIFT + N keys simultaneously. This will create a new folder.
    4. Rename the new folder as sample.
  2. On your C:\sample folder, copy the sample files you want to collect and paste it.
  3. Download the Upload Tool by clicking the download button below:

    Download Upload Tool

  4. Right-click, then select Extract here.
    Password: novirus
    After extraction is complete, a new file named uploadtool.bat should appear.
  5. Click uploadtool.bat. Two windows should pop up.

    Upload Tool opened

  6. Type all necessary information, then click Submit.
    • If you see the sample window below, it means that you have successfully uploaded the file.

      Upload Tool Successful

    • Otherwise, you will see this sample window below:

      Upload Tool Unsuccessful

  7. A log file named
    will be generated for both successful and unsuccessful upload for your reference.
  8. Delete the sample folder and the Upload Tool once the files have been uploaded successfully.
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