Are you concerned about the security of your iPhone or iPad? Worried about malicious apps and unwanted access? We've got you covered. In this easy guide, we'll show you how to install Trend Micro Mobile Security to keep your device safe and sound.

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Get Trend Micro from the App Store

  1. Open the App Store.
  2. Search for "Trend Micro Mobile Security."
  3. Tap Get, and then tap Install.

    iPhone Security Apps

Once the installation is complete, follow these steps:

Activate Trend Micro from the App

  1. Launch the Trend Micro Mobile Security app.
  2. Tap Allow to enable notifications, and then tap Accept and Continue.

    Allow Trend Micro Security for iPad

  3. Activate your subscription.

    Use Your Existing Trend Micro Subscription

    1. Tap Already Purchased?
    2. Tap Sign into your Trend Micro Account.

    Use Your New Activation Key

    Or, if you have a new activation key:

    1. Go to the Activation Portal to activate your new activation key.
    2. When asked, create an account or sign in with your existing Trend Micro account.
    3. Go back to your Mobile Security app, then tap Already Purchased?.
    4. Tap Sign into your Trend Micro Account.

    Activate Through the Settings Page

    1. From the features list, tap Settings.
    2. Tap Setup Account, then Sign into your Trend Micro Account.

Need to temporarily deactivate Trend Micro Mobile Security?

Trend Micro Mobile Security doesn't offer a temporary disable feature, as it's built to consistently safeguard your device. However, you can choose to deactivate specific features within the Trend Micro Mobile Security settings. If you require a temporary break from protection, you have the option to uninstall Trend Micro Mobile Security and reinstall it whenever you're ready to resume safeguarding your device.

Install and Add Security for Other Devices

Did you know Trend Micro also offers security apps for Mac, Android, and Windows PCs and laptops? You can protect all your gadgets with Trend Micro, ensuring safety on every device you. Just visit your device app store, search for 'Trend Micro Security', or follow these easy installation steps to keep your digital life secure:

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