Here's what you get from the latest Trend Micro Mobile Security release for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

Version 9.0

  • Fraud Buster scam engine enhancements
    • User experience enhancements and promotion of Fraud Buster
  • Web Guard performance enhancements
    • Lessen the chance of iOS disabling Web Guard due to high memory usage
    • Lessen the strain to the user's network for faster browsing experience
  • Things to Fix enhancements (Security Advisor)
    • Categorized concerns to Security, Privacy, and Insights
    • Added another item to "Things to fix" - Turn on notifications from OS level
  • License Management improvements
    • Added option to allow input password to be visible
    • Fixed incorrect expiry date
    • Opt-Out Trial page rewording to provide a better explanation and prevent confusion
  • Cross-promote other Trend Micro apps
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