Below are some general tips and advices that you can apply to prevent virus infection on your computer:

Install a Security Software

Install security software and make sure that it is up-to-date.

Enable Firewall

Enable your firewall as this will prevent unwanted PC access from the Internet.

Update Security Software regularly

Regularly update software installed in your computer. Programs on your computer should also be kept up-to-date as malware authors will always find a way to abuse software vulnerability. These program vulnerabilities can be loopholes in software’s security. The best practice would be to visit your manufacturer’s website or contact their support.

There is a number of 3rd party software out there that claim they can check for software updates for the programs installed on your computer. Be careful in installing these programs, specially the free ones, as they may come bundled with other unnecessary programs or worse malicious software.

Refrain opening unknown emails

Do not open emails from unknown senders as they may have attachments that are infected with viruses. If the email comes from a known sender but the email includes a fishy attachment, it’s best to contact the person to verify if the email and the attachment were legitimately sent.

Be careful in visiting websites

Only open websites that you know. Never randomly click a link as it may direct you to a malicious website or trick you to download an infected file or program.

Always check the address bar, or the URL, to see if you are loading the correct website.

Install ONLY legally distributed software

Use only reputable and legally distributed software. Do not install pirated software as these may often times come in bundled with infected files.

Scan removable drives before using them

When using USB flash drives, thumb drives or any other removable drives, make sure you scan them using your security software.

Be aware of social engineering ploys

Be careful of social engineering ploys whose goal is to trick a user into willingly opening their systems for malware authors to free access. These can come in a form of an email from your bank asking you to update your account information via a suspicious link or a seemingly helpful pop up from a website that is offering a free registry cleanup. Some malware distributors even keep themselves up to date with current events that would easily tap into an unsuspecting user’s curiosity.

Purchase the Virus Removal Service and have an expert remove all known threats found in your computer and help you protect it against future infection.

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