Find answers to common inquiries or frequently asked questions about the Trend Micro Pay Guard feature of Trend Micro Security for Windows.

Do I have to pay additional cost to use Pay Guard?

No. Pay Guard does not have additional cost and is already included on your Trend Micro Security 2020 package.

Why does Pay Guard still open in Internet Explorer even when I set my default browser as Microsoft Edge?

Currently, Microsoft Edge is not yet supported by Pay Guard.

Will Pay Guard be installed as a separate application?

No, it will open your default browser so you can use it with ease and security. It also doesn’t install any plugin in your computer.

How did Pay Guard get installed on my PC?

Installing the latest version of the Trend Micro Security program will enable Pay Guard automatically since it is included as a new feature of the program. A desktop shortcut will be created upon successful installation of the Trend Micro Security program.

Is Pay Guard a separate application?

No. Pay Guard is integrated to your Trend Micro Security and will launch a secure version of your default browser. For example, if you have Google Chrome as your default browser, it will open the Google Chrome browser once you launch the Pay Guard icon on the desktop. Technically, it is the same browser you often use but without your bookmarks and toolbars and with an extra layer of protection by Trend Micro.

What are the supported browsers of Pay Guard?

It supports Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox. For unsupported browsers such as Microsoft Edge, opening Pay Guard will launch Internet Explorer instead.

Can I use my bookmarks and toolbars on Pay Guard?

It is possible to use existing bookmarks and extended functions only when the browser launched is Internet Explorer. This function is not available on Chrome and Firefox. This means that all your bookmarks, toolbars, and saved passwords will not be available if the default browser launched by Pay Guard is either Chrome or Firefox.

Do I still need to add my credit card information on the Data Theft Protection to use Pay Guard?

Data Theft Protection is a separate feature from Pay Guard. You can still add your credit card information on the Data Theft Protection on the Privacy tab of your main console to protect your personal information to be sent outside the Internet without your consent.

Can I use my Trend Micro Password Manager to access my saved passwords on Pay Guard?

Yes, but you need to enable the Trend Micro Password Manager extension in the Pay Guard browser to use it.

Can I only use this when doing online shopping or banking?

Although you can still use Pay Guard like your regular browser, we recommend that you only use Pay Guard when doing online financial transactions such as online banking, online shopping as some functions may not work as your regular browsers.

How do I remove Pay Guard?

Since Pay Guard is not a separate program from Trend Micro Security, it doesn’t get uninstalled. Although, if you are not using the feature, you can delete the desktop shortcut icon. Should you need to use it again, you can access it from the main console.

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