Release Date: December 9, 2019

CVE Vulnerability Identifiers: CVE-2019-18190

Platform: Windows

CVSS 3.0 Scores: 6.6

Severity Ratings: Medium


Trend Micro has released a new build for the Trend Micro Security 2020 (version 16.0) family of consumer products which resolve a potential unsigned code execution vulnerability.

Affected Versions

ProductAffected VersionsPlatformLanguage
Premium Security 2020 (v16) Windows English
Maximum Security
2020 (v16)
Windows English
Internet Security
2020 (v16)
Windows English
Antivirus+ Security
2020 (v16)
Windows English


Trend Micro has released a new build of the tool to resolve this issue:

ProductUpdated VersionPlatformLanguage
All Trend Micro Security Versions above 16.0.1227 Windows English

Trend Micro has addressed these vulnerabilities via a patch that is available now through the product’s automatic ActiveUpdate feature for all products listed above. Customers who receive regular automatic updates from the Internet should have already received the update. Customers who have not yet received the update can manually click Update Now to ensure they have the latest build. Customers who are still using Trend Micro Security 2019 (v15) and below can download Trend Micro Security 2020 (v16) here.

Vulnerability Details

This update resolves the vulnerability found in Trend Micro Security 2020 (Version 16) product where null pointer dereference errors result in the crash of application, which could potentially lead to possible unsigned code execution under certain circumstances.

Trend Micro has received no reports nor is aware of any actual attacks against the affected product related to this vulnerability at this time.


Trend Micro would like to thank the following individual for responsibly disclosing the issue and working with Trend Micro to help protect our customers:

  • Nafiez (@zeifan) - Independent Security Researcher

Additional Assistance

Customers who have questions are encouraged to contact Trend Micro Technical Support for further assistance.

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