Know how to remove adware caused by Malicious Profiles on your Mac.

This happens when your browser keeps on being redirected to a different search engine or pop-ups keeps on showing automatically.

Check for Suspicious Profile Configuration
  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Under System Preferences, check if you could see Profiles.

    System Preferences Profiles

    If you don't remember setting up any profiles for your Mac, proceed to the next step to delete the malicious profile.

Remove Suspicious Profile Configuration
  1. Click the button below to download the BrowserFixer.


  2. Click Download to extract the
  3. Click to run the file.

    Browser Fixer Icon

    Just in case it will not open successfully, please check the System Preferences > Security and Privacy > General Tab and allow it to run.

    Here is the sample window that will appear.

    BrowserFixer Permission

  4. Once the windows has opened, click Open Anyway.

    BrowserFixer Open Anyway

  5. Click the Start button to start the clean up of the malicious profiles.

    BrowserFixer Fix Browser Start

  6. Wait for the scan to be finished.

    BrowserFixer Cleaning

  7. Once it is done scanning and cleaning malicious profiles it will ask you to restart and check your browser.

    BrowserFixer Cleaning Conmplete

  8. Check if the issue is still there or if it is now resolved.
  9. If the issue still exists after restarting your Mac, proceed to the next step.

Collect logs using BrowserFixer
  1. Open again to run the file.
  2. After the scan has been completed, click No, take further action. This will check if there are malicious files related to the redirection.

    BrowserFixer Collect Log

  3. This will open your mail app and will create a draft email that contains the logs that will help us with the investigation of the root cause of the issue..

    BrowserFixer Email Logs

  4. If you already have an existing email case, you may copy the attached file in this draft and attach it to your email response instead.

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