You see this pop up on your computer:

Please Restart Your Browser

Why did This Happen?

Your Internet browser needs to be launched again to apply Trend Micro updates.

What Should I do Next?

  1. Save your work first or bookmark your opened tabs before clicking Restart Now.
  2. Ensure your Trend Micro program is up to date with the latest version.
  3. If you're already on the latest version and still encountering pop-up messages, try restarting the components of the Trend Micro program.
    1. Press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard to open the Run window.
    2. In the Open field, type supporttool.exe, then click OK.
    3. Click Yes when the User Account Control Window appears.

      The Trend Micro Diagnostic Toolkit will open.

    4. Click the (C) Uninstall tab.
    5. Under Temporary Files, click 2. Delete Now button for "Delete the security update files from this computer." and click 3. Delete Now for "Delete the Trend Micro proxy files from this computer.".
    6. Click 5. Stop all components.
    7. Wait for 10 seconds or the Trend Micro icon Trend Micro icon in the taskbar notification area to disappear.
    8. After the Trend Micro icon disappears, click the Start all Components button.
  4. Verify if the pop-up messages persist.
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