Granting permission on Local Network Access will allow applications to communicate and scan connected devices on your home network.

What is Local Network Access on iPhone or iPad?

Local Network Access is a key security feature on iOS and iPadOS devices that lets you control which apps can access your local network.

Apple developed a personal security toggle for iOS/iPadOS devices, following a security concern where web companies can track your activity using built-in app plug-ins.

Is it safe to give apps Local Network Permission?

Not always. It depends on which app you will allow permission. Excessive permissions on these apps may have risks on your personal data and device security. Look out for red flags such as flashlight apps requesting access to your local network.

Pro tip: Review and adjust app permissions regularly and only grant access to apps that need it. For instance, some apps may use your microphone to collect audio data or even record your conversations without your knowledge. Only give microphone access to apps like voice recorders or video chat apps. Learn more.

Enable/Disable Local Network Access

Managing your app permissions and only granting necessary permissions can reduce the risk of malicious apps accessing your personal data and also potentially harm your device.

  1. Launch the Settings app.

    Go to Settings on your iPhone/iPad

  2. From the Settings list, tap Privacy.
  3. Tap Local Network.
    The next screen will display the apps that have requested permission to find and communicate on your local network.

    iPhone/iPad apps that requested local network access

  4. Tap on the switch beside the app name to enable or disable Local Network Access.

    If it is not clear to you why the app needs access, best to always switch it off.

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