Protect yourself from scammers. Learn how to stop spam text messages and phishing attacks on your Android with Trend Micro.

Why am I getting so many spam text messages?

Here are a few reasons why you receive a lot of spam text messages:

  • You may have unknowingly signed up for a service that sends marketing text messages.
  • Your phone number may have been leaked or made public.
  • Your phone could have been infected with spam-sending malware.

What will happen if I click on a spam link?

Clicking on a spam link can be dangerous. It can infect your device with malware, steal your personal information, sign you up for unwanted services, show annoying ads, or cause even more spam.

To avoid these risks, Trend Micro recommends not clicking on links from unknown senders or sources.

How to block unwanted texts on android

Tired of receiving spam text messages? Learn how to block and prevent these unwanted messages from appearing on your Android device.

Use Trend Micro Mobile Security to protect your device

Turn on the Fraud Buster feature to let Trend Micro scan and block phishing and scam attacks in your SMS/MMS and app notifications.

  1. Open the Mobile Security app.
  2. From the list of features, select Fraud Buster.

    Click Fraud Buster feature

  3. Allow all the needed permissions.
  4. Toggle the switch to ON beside the SMS/MMS Message Scan.
  5. Tap the App Notifications tab.
  6. Toggle the switch to ON beside the App Notification Scan.
  7. Trend Micro will automatically scan for scams and phishing attacks whenever you receive text messages and notifications.

I am not a Trend Micro user

Get Trend Micro Spam Text and Call Blocker Tool to protect you from scams, phishing attacks, malware, and dangerous links for FREE. Download Trend Micro Check today to stay one step ahead of current and new scams.

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