This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to use Trend Micro Family.

To start, you will have two applications for Trend Micro Family. One is installed on the parent mobile device; the Trend Micro Family app. The other one is installed on the child device; the Safe Filter for Kids browser extension or the Trend Micro Family for Kids mobile app.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: Before installing the product on your child's computer, we suggest to discuss the benefits of using the app with your child.


  • Trend Micro Family (Parent App) - Download the app here.
  • Trend Micro Family for Kids (Kid App) - Download the app here.
  • Safe Filter for Kids (Browser Extension) - Download the Google Chrome extension here.

Get the Pairing Code

  1. Open the Trend Micro Family app, the Parent's app.
  2. Tap + to Add Your Child, and then put your kid's name.

    If you already added the child profile in the Parent app, tap the Rule banner on the top of the child's report. Tap the Device tab and tap + Add Another Device button.

  3. Add the device as suggested by the instructions.

    The pairing code will be provided for the chosen device.

Enter Pairing Code

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On Kid's Browser Extension
On Kid's Mobile Device

Enable All Family Notifications

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On Android
On iOS

Enable Location Settings

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On iOS

Receive notifications on Blocked Videos

Turning ON the notification settings of the Parent's app will help to keep track of your child's activity.

You will receive notifications in the following situations:

  • A video that has potential risks are blocked.
  • There is no activity for a period of time.
  • Child removes Safe Filter for Kids on their computer.
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