YES. Trend Micro customers who have the current Trend Micro Security version installed on their PC are ready and compatible with Windows 11.

These products include:

What if I am running an older Trend Micro program version?

To ensure a smooth transition, we recommend you get the latest version prior to upgrading to Windows 11. We provide a FREE upgrade to our latest version for all our current customers at any time. This is FREE when you have an existing subscription.

I plan to upgrade to Windows 11 soon, do I need to do anything with my program?

Before upgrading to Windows 11, check if you are running the latest version. If you are, then you can upgrade to Windows 11 when available.

What other Trend Micro programs are compatible with Windows 11?

Will my current Trend Micro Security software work with Windows Defender Security Center?

YES. It is integrated with Windows Defender Security Center as the Virus & threat protection.

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