NOTE: In some countries, VPN Proxy One Pro is still called Trend Micro WiFi Protection.

When Trend Micro VPN Proxy One Pro is turned ON and enabled, its VPN connection keeps on disconnecting.

Why did this happen?

  • The app may not be properly installed or configured.
  • There may be a conflicting third-party app on your device.

What should I do next?

Check for Conflicting Apps

Uninstall any conflicting programs and ensure all remnants are deleted. Some conflicting apps to look out for include:

  • ExpressVPN
  • PureVPN

Still disconnected? Proceed to the next step.

Ensure App Date and Time are Accurate

Ensure the app date and time are accurate Check if your device's date and time are synced correctly. Adjust the timezone if necessary.

Still disconnected? Proceed to the next step.

Check for Windows Updates

Check for pending Windows updates Install any pending Windows updates and check for notifications requiring a restart.

Still disconnected? Proceed to the next step.

Check Subscription Status

Verify your subscription is activated Check your subscription status and confirm that the device is registered under the license.

  1. Open the VPN Proxy One Pro app.
  2. Click the Profile icon, then sign in.
  3. Update the app to receive the latest app and subscription updates.
  4. Verify the expiry date to ensure your subscription has been updated

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