In Windows 11, you are unable to copy or paste files using the right-click option inside the Trend Micro Vault folder.

Also, creating a new folder using the right-click option just adds a New entry on the File dropdown menu, just like this:

Trend Micro Vault - New Entry

Why did this happen?

Some Trend Micro Vault features in Windows 11 are currently under development. We are now working on the solution to have a compatible Trend Micro Vault right-click menu for Windows 11.

How do I fix this?

As a workaround, you can use the Menu Bar to replace the functions of the right-click menu.

On the upper left corner, click OrganizeLayoutMenu bar.

Trend Micro Vault - Menu Bar

To create a new folder, use the File option on the Menu bar.

Need help?

Contact our Technical Support for more workaround solutions.

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