You see this pop up message on your Windows computer:

Dangerous Notification Scanning

Why did this happen?

Trend Micro Security wants to check if the browser notifications you enabled on your web browsers are dangerous or safe.

Browser Notifications are messages that come from a website. It allows you to get timely updates from sites you frequently visit. It lets website owners send personalized messages to retain visitors. They are super powerful and really handy, but scammers have been exploiting the feature to promote unwanted ads and scam sites, and even send out malicious links containing malware.

If you accidentally allowed a suspicious website to push notifications on your browser, it may show scam notifications like fake alerts, messages from fake dating sites, or product advertisements.

What should I do next?

Click the OK button or close the window.
Your Trend Micro program will now scan your browser and block notification permissions from dangerous websites so you will not see the pop up from these sites again.

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