You see this message from Trend Micro Security when you are browsing with Google Chrome on your Windows computer:

No threats found

"No threats found in ---."

This pop up also includes random letters, numbers and characters.

Why am I seeing this?

Trend Micro detected and scanned files your Google Chrome browser downloaded and installed in the background to keep its program version up-to-date.

The Download File Scan feature from Trend Micro notifies you when files downloaded on your Windows computer are either safe or dangerous, preventing malware infection.

What should I do next?

Since Trend Micro already scanned the file and found no threats, you can click the X button to close the window.

Pop up keeps showing

Click Do not show this again. However, you will not be notified again whenever a file is downloaded on your browser.

Need help?

Reach out to our Trend Micro Support Representatives through phone or chat.

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