For Trend Micro Antivirus to scan files, you must allow its System Extension so you can use its full features and protection.

What is a System Extension?

System Extensions on macOS allow software like network extensions and endpoint security solutions to extend the functionality of macOS without requiring kernel-level access.

Allow Trend Micro Extension on macOS Ventura

  1. On the Antivirus for Mac Permission Setup window, click the Open Privacy & Security button.

    Open Privacy & Security

  2. The Privacy & Security window should open. Scroll down to Security, then click Details....

    Privacy & Security

  3. Enter your Mac username and password, and then click Unlock to allow changes.
  4. Enable all Trend Micro Antivirus Extension items, then click OK.

    Trend Micro Antivirus Extension

  5. Click Allow when you see this pop up below.

    Allow Trend Micro iCoreService on Mac

  6. Click the Verify button once finished.

    Verify System Extension

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