Learn how to use Trend Micro Mobile Security to get rid of risky apps installed on your Android device.

What are Potentially Unwanted Applications?

Potentially Unwanted Applications are apps or software that can slow down your device and jeopardize your security and privacy. These apps often hide their true purpose and are usually installed without your knowledge or permission. Below are their typical behaviors:

  • It attaches itself to other real apps when you install them.
  • It shows too many ads.
  • It gathers information without asking you.
  • It sends fake or exaggerated notifications.
  • It's hard to control or use.
  • It uses up your device's resources.
  • It's hard to uninstall.

How can I remove unwanted apps with Trend Micro?

  1. On your device, open the Mobile Security app.
  2. Tap Security Scan, then tap Scan Now.
  3. Trend Micro will show the detected unwanted apps. Tap Uninstall to remove the risky app, or tap Keep App if you think the app is safe.

    Click Details if you want to know more about the detected app.

How do I prevent this from happening?

Follow these simple best practices to keep you safe from Potentially Unwanted Applications.

  • Download apps only from trusted sources like Google Play Store.
  • Avoid granting unnecessary app permissions.
  • Keep your device and apps updated.
  • Do not engage with suspicious ads and notifications.
  • Check app reviews and ratings to ensure it's safe.
  • Regularly check and uninstall unfamiliar apps.
  • Report suspicious apps to the App Store or contact Trend Micro Support for further help.
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