After installing Trend Micro Password Manager and adding its extension, you cannot see the Password Manager icon in Google Chrome.

Why did this happen?

Sign-in to Chrome, a feature in Google Chrome, allows mirroring of its settings and extensions to other computers with Google Chrome using the same Google Account. Because of this, the Password Manager extension may be installed to another computer through the sync feature even if you did not install the Password Manager on that computer.

How do I fix this?

Reinstall the Password Manager extension in Google Chrome:

NOTE: Before resetting your Google Chrome settings, back up your favorites.

  1. Reset Google Chrome settings.
    1. Open Google Chrome.
    2. On the upper right corner of your Google Chrome browser, click the ⋮ button.
    3. Select Settings, then click Advanced.
    4. Click Reset and cleanup > Reset settings to their original defaults > Reset settings.
  2. Reinstall Password Manager extension.
    1. Open Google Chrome.
      This pop up should appear:

      Get Extension for Google Chrome

    2. Click Get Extension.

      If you did not see the pop up, you can install it here.

    3. Click Install Extension.

      Install Extension in Google Chrome

      It will open a new tab and will take you to this Chrome Web Store page.

      Add Password Manager in Google Chrome

    4. Click Add to Chrome, then click Add extension.

      Add Password Manager Extension

If the issue persists after doing the steps above, start a chat to let our Trend Micro Support Representatives assist you.

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