Trend Micro Vault helps keep your important and sensitive files secured on Windows even when your computer gets lost or stolen.

How does Trend Micro Vault work?

  • A password is needed to access files in the Vault.
  • After receiving a Stolen Report, Trend Micro seals the vault right away.

Set Up Trend Micro Vault

  1. Open Trend Micro, then click the Data tab.

    Click Data

  2. Click Configure beside Vault.

    Click Configure for Trend Micro Vault

  3. Read the introduction, the click OK.

    Put a check beside Don't show this introduction again before clicking OK if you do not want to see this window every time you configure the Vault.

  4. Set up a password, then click Create.

    Set a password

    This password is also the same as your:

  5. Once done, you will see this pop up:

    Vault set up a success
    Click OK to close the window.

  6. Drag your important files to the Trend Micro Vault icon you see on your desktop.

    Vault icon

    Dragging these items into the Vault will move them instead of just copying them.

  7. Right-click the Trend Micro Vault icon on your desktop to Unlock or Lock the Vault.

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