Data Theft Prevention helps secure your sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or passwords on websites.

Upon detecting any attempt to send protected information to the Internet, whether through a web page, email or an instant message, Trend Micro blocks it automatically.

This prevents hackers and spyware from stealing your information. It works on popular web browsers and email programs.

  1. Open Trend Micro, then click Privacy.

    Click Privacy tab

  2. Click Configure beside Data Theft Prevention.


  3. If you see an Introduction page, click OK.


  4. Click the switch to turn ON Data Theft Prevention.


  5. Type the information in the What to protect field.

    Enter data to protect

    • Enter at least 8 digits of your Credit Card number to ensure protection.
    • The fields are case-sensitive. ABC is different from abc.
  6. Click New Category to add more. To protect multiple entries of the same category, add another character on the Category Name, like Credit Card1.

    New Category

  7. Click OK to save the changes.


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