The Trend Micro Toolbar uses a rating system to tell you if sites you are searching for are safe or not.

It will appear automatically in your web browsers if you select Display the Trend Micro Toolbar on supported web browsers in the Program Settings.

Explore the simple steps to install Trend Micro Toolbar on your Windows browsers for a safer online experience. You can also check this video on how to add Trend Micro Toolbar without using the installation pop up.

Install Trend Micro Toolbar in Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.

    If you have Trend Micro Security installed, you should see this pop up:

    Safeguard Google Chrome - Trend Micro Security

  2. click Install Trend Micro Toolbar.

    If you don’t see the pop up, you can install it here.

    It will open a new tab and will take you to this Chrome Web Store page.

    Add Trend Micro Toolbar to Google Chrome

  3. Click Add to Chrome.

    If your button says Remove from Chrome, it means you already got the toolbar installed. If you still can’t see it, you may need to enable the toolbar in your browser.

  4. Click Add extension.

    You will get another pop up telling you you’ve successfully installed the toolbar:

    Success Notification in Adding Trend Micro Toolbar in Chrome

    You will now see the Trend Micro icon at the top right of your Chrome toolbar.

Install Trend Micro Toolbar in Edge

  1. Get the app from Microsoft Edge Add-ons.

    Get Trend Micro Security in Microsoft Edge

    If you purchased Trend Micro through Best Buy, click here instead.

  2. Click Add Extension, then wait for it to finish downloading.

    Add Trend Micro Security to Microsoft Edge

  3. Click the Trend Micro Security icon at the top right corner of the browser.
  4. Read the Privacy & Personal Data Collection Disclosure, then click Continue.
  5. Read the Trend Micro License Agreement, then click Accept and Start.

    You should now see Trend Micro Security on the toolbar.

    Show Trend Micro Security in Microsoft Edge Toolbar

    If you are using Trend Micro Security on Windows 10 S, click Activate, then sign in with your account.

Install Trend Micro Toolbar in Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

    If you’ve got Trend Micro Security installed, you should see this pop up:

    Protect Firefox with the Powerful Trend Micro Toolbar

  2. Click the Install button.

    If you did not see the pop up, download and run the installer here.

  3. Click Add to Firefox, then choose Add.
  4. Another tab will open. Click Accept and Enable to start using the toolbar.

Troubleshooting Tips

Encountering issues? Follow these tips:

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