Discover simple steps to enhance your digital life with additional Trend Micro security.

Protect More, Worry Less

When your digital world grows, so does the need for security. If your current Trend Micro subscription is at its limit, getting a new subscription is a straightforward solution to keep your additional devices safe.

Easy Steps to New Protection

Ready for more coverage? Here's how to secure a new subscription:

  1. Select your country from the list below to visit the Trend Micro Online Store.
  2. Pick the subscription that fits your new needs.
  3. Follow the checkout process to complete your purchase.

Upgrade or New Subscription?

Upgrading your current subscription could be an option, but it's not the same as adding more devices. Here are a few scenarios where a new subscription makes more sense:

  • When you need to protect more devices than your current plan allows.
  • If you have a diverse range of devices needing different types of protection.

Do I use the same license after the upgrade?

If you're sticking with the same subscription type and just adding more devices, your license remains the same. For a different subscription, a new license will be provided.

What if I get a new license?

You'll need to install the Trend Micro app that matches your new subscription. Check out our Trend Micro Help Center Downloads Page for easy installation.

Can I reduce my current subscription seats?

Once purchased, the number of seats in your subscription can't be decreased. If you need fewer seats, a new subscription purchase is the way to go.

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