Trend Micro can search for threats in files and settings as well as check for suspicious behavior on your computer. It attempts to remove the threat from the infected file. If unsuccessful, it deletes the infected file along with the threat.

  1. Open Trend Micro, then click Settings .

    Trend Micro Main Program Settings

  2. Click Security & Tuneup Controls, then click on Scan Preferences.

    Trend Micro Scan Preferences Settings

  3. Check or uncheck items on how you want Trend Micro to scan your computer:
    • Enable real-time scanning for compressed files (like ZIP files)
      Checks files reduced in size through data compression techniques. These files commonly end with the .ZIP or .RAR and require a specific program to unpack, unzip, or decompress its contents.
    • Enable machine-learning to protect from new or unknown threats
      Trend Micro next-gen antivirus solutions leverages machine learning to improve the detection rate of unknown malware.
    • Check if programs try to make unauthorized changes to system settings that could threaten your security
      Blocks suspicious changes to your computer. Such changes can result in web browser hijackings, unwanted, but unremovable, web browser toolbars, or reduced computer performance.
    • Prevent programs on portable drives from launching automatically
      Blocks programs that try to start running without your permission when you plug a USB drive into the computer. Flash memory or other portable USB drives rarely include certain kinds of programs that launch automatically, so they usually represent a threat if found.
    • Immediately close programs that have been exploited by Hackers
      Closes software that can be used to take advantage of a flaw in a computer system, typically for malicious purposes such as installing malware
    • Protect documents against unauthorized encryption or modification
      Block suspicious change on files that may result in encryption and modification such a way that you cannot use the document
    • Back up files encrypted or modified by suspicious program
      Make a backup copy of a file that was encrypted or modified due to possible malware activity on the computer
    • Protection Level
      Normal – detects and stops security threats based on clearly risky behavior.
      Hypersensitive – Aggressively eliminates programs that may only pose a small risk of bad behavior.
      Switch protection level automatically – Increase the protection level only when you need it.
    • Automatically delete files that show any signs of a threat
      Gets rid of any file that might cause trouble. This aggressive response could remove some harmless files along with the unsafe ones, so consider using this protection only when receiving files or installing programs that seem risky.
    • Automatically delete joke programs
      Gets rid of joke programs that are considered relatively harmless but are often annoying, or may cause unnecessary panic.
    • Display a warning after detecting viruses, spyware, or suspicious behavior
      Provides a notification when a threat is detected, quarantined, or removed, or when programs on the computer behave in a suspicious manner.
    • Automatically delete potentially unwanted applications
      Gets rid of Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs), classified as grayware, refer to programs installed in a computer that may pose high risk or have untoward impact on user's security and privacy.

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