Having multiple security programs installed can cause performance issues and make your Android vulnerable to threats.

Listed below are apps incompatible with Trend Micro Mobile Security.

Manufacturer Application Name
Activetrack Inc. GadgetTrak Mobile Security
Aegislab Scan
Aegislab Antivirus Elite
Aegislab Antivirus Free
Anguanjia Security Guarder
Anti-Virus Anti-Virus Free
Anti-Virus Pro Trial
Anti-Virus Pro - Tablet
Anti-Virus Pro
Bitdefender Mobile Security
Blackbelt Smartphone Defence Ltd. BlackBelt Security - Trial
BlackBelt AntiTheft - Trial
BullGuard Mobile Security
CA Tech Mobile Security
CPU Media Sarl Kinetoo Malware Scan
Defenx SA Defenx AntiVirus - Suite
Doctor Web Ltd. Dr.Web Anti-virus
ESET Mobile Security [Beta]
G Data Mobile Security
IGgameCity App Security Mobile Security
Inca Internet Co. Ltd. nProtect Mobile
Itagent Interactive Software Solutions Theft Aware 2.0 Trial
Kaspersky Mobile Security
Klouddata Inc. MobileProtect
Life360 Ultimate Safety App
Livezen Smart Defender Pro
Lookout Labs Lookout Mobile Security
DroidDream Cleaner
Mation Mobile Security
McAfee McAfee Mobile Security
WaveSecure UPA
McAfee WaveSecure
Mobileann Mobile Secure/Security
Mobile Spy Mobile Spyware Observatory
Mobile Spyware Observatory
Android Spyware Observatory
MYAndroid Protection MYAndroid Protection 90 days
MYAndroid Protection Antivirus
MYAndroid Protection 365 days
MyMobile Security MYMobile Protection 2.0+
MYMobile Protection v.1.5/1.6
NetQin Mobile Inc. NetQin Mobile Security
Call Blocker
NetQin Antivirus FREE 1.5
Norton Mobile Security [Beta]
P.Defencer Antivirus MyAntiVirus Pro - Anti Virus
MyInternetSecurity Pro - Root
Privateer Labs Privateer Lite
Puntalo Free Mobile Security
Qianjun Virus Terminator
Virus Terminator for paid
SmrtGuard Mobile Mobile Security Snuko Anti Theft
T-mobile Mobile Security
Webroot Webroot Mobile Security Basic
Webroot Mobile Security
Xeudoxos Privacy Blocker
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