Stop Trend Micro Antivirus from running on your Mac temporarily without uninstalling the program. Doing this, however, will make your Mac vulnerable to threats.

  1. Click the Trend Micro icon on the Menu bar.
  2. Choose Shut Down Trend Micro Antivirus.

    Shut Down Trend Micro Antivirus

If it does not work, you can use the Diagnostic Toolkit:

  1. Open Spotlight, type Trend Micro Antivirus Diagnostic Toolkit, then press RETURN.
  2. On the General tab, select Stop Components.

    stop components

Why do I need to temporarily disable the program?

You need to check if the Trend Micro program is causing an issue on your Mac.

I want it back ON

  1. Open Spotlight, type Trend Micro Antivirus, then press RETURN.

    Trend Micro Antivirus Main Menu

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