Welcome to our introductory guide for Trend Companion. If you are curious to know more about the new Trend Companion Icon on your Help Center page, Windows and Mobile protection, you are in the right place! Here we will provide information related to Trend Companion.

What is Trend Companion?

Trend Companion, is a new feature in your Trend Micro applications. It's an AI-powered assistant designed to provide answers to your product-related questions.

How Does Trend Companion Work?

Trend Companion has been trained using machine learning algorithms to understand your inquiries and provide answers related to the most suitable information present on our Help Center Page. Trend Companion will learn continuously based on user inquiries to ensure accuracy and efficiency of answers.

How To Use Trend Companion

To use the feature, you will have to click the OK button on the prompt that will be displayed after installing or updating your Trend Micro applications.

  1. Click the icon you see on the main program or app screen.
  2. A chat window will appear on your screen. Type in the issue that you are encountering or your queries on the “Type your message” field.
  3. Trend Companion will then provide an answer to your question. Once you are done, you may simply type “Bye” which will end the session.
  4. You may repeat the process every time you need help using Trend Companion.

You may also access Trend Companion on Help Center by signing in with your Trend Micro Account.

I did not give any permission to install this feature.

Trend Micro applications update automatically and check for available updates regularly. When your Trend Micro application gets the latest update with the Trend Companion feature, it will be added automatically. You’ll then be able to see and use the Trend Companion in the app.

Can I remove Trend Companion from my app?

No, the Trend Companion cannot be deleted, however, it can easily be ignored. The Trend Companion is conveniently available if you need it. If you have any feedback or concerns about how it works, feel free to share them with us.

I noticed that the Trend Companion icon is now red. Wasn't it blue before?

Yes, you're correct! The Trend Companion icon was previously blue. We've updated the icon to a new red design to align with our latest branding and to ensure better visibility. This change does not affect the functionality of your mobile security; all features and protections provided by Trend Micro Mobile Security remain the same. We hope you like the new look!

What data does Trend Companion collect?

Trend Companion collects data related to conversational history.

You may check the detailed collection of data for the following products that uses Trend Companion:

For more information on how Trend Micro processes your data and for what purposes, please review our Global Privacy Notice.

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