Local Mode in Trend Micro Password Manager allows you to try Password Manager on your iPhone, iPad or any Android phone or tablet without creating a Trend Micro Account. You only need to create a Vault Password to secure all of your saved passwords.

If I do not create an account, where are my passwords saved?

All of your passwords are saved inside the app. Your Passwords are NOT saved on our servers.

What happens if I uninstall Password Manager while in Local Mode?

All stored passwords will be deleted. If you want to sync your saved passwords to our Trend Micro servers, you need to purchase a premium subscription.

I already have a Password Manager subscription. What should I do to continue using the app?

If you are running Password Manager in Local Mode, just sign in to Trend Micro account to switch to account-based Password Manager.

How can I sync my saved passwords in Local Mode to my existing Password Manager account?

Purchase a premium subscription while the app is in Local Mode to sync locally saved passwords to your account.

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