You see any of these notifications from Trend Micro Home Network Security app:

"Unable to Continue.
Please try again. (Error Code: ---)"

"Refunded Pairing Code.
This Pairing Code was refunded. Please try again with a different pairing code. (Error Code: ---)"

Why did this happen?

The Trend Micro Home Network Security subscription you are trying to use has been refunded.

What should I do next?

Purchase a new Trend Micro Home Network Security subscription.

I already purchased a new subscription

Set up a new Station:

  1. Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your Station.
  2. Open the Home Network Security app.
  3. Read the License Agreement, then tap Agree and Continue.
  4. Type your new pairing code, then tap Next.

    Connect to the Station

  5. Wait for the Sign In window to appear, then sign into your Trend Micro Account.

    Sign in to your Trend Micro Account

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