What is Secret Snap?

Secret Snap automatically captures and saves photos when someone tries to unlock your Android device or your locked applications. This feature will help you find out who took your device.

Turn ON the Secret Snap

  1. Launch the Mobile Security app.
  2. Tap Lost Device Protection > Secret Snap, then toggle the switch to ON.

  3. Make sure to set the following:
    • Incorrect attempts before photo - set the number of failed attempts before it triggers the Secret Snap
    • Notification email - set an email address to receive the photos
    • Secret Snap photos - view the photos

I did not receive any email

The passwords you are trying to put in may not have these standards:

  • Input must have at least 4-dot pattern crossed
  • Input must have at least 4-digit PIN
  • Input must have at least 4 characters

    Secret Snap does not work on Android version 8.0 and above. This is due to the Android OS limitation in which the system will not broadcast password failure on screen lock page to the application.

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