You see this pop up while installing Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac:

Unable to Start Protection. Your permission is required to allow Trend Micro to protect this computer.

Why did this happen?

A Mac permission issue prevents the program to continue.

What should I do next?

Add Antivirus for Mac to Login Items:

  1. Restart your Mac.
  2. Go to > System Preferences > Users & Groups.

    Mac | Users & Groups

  3. Select the Login Items tab.

    Mac | Login Items

  4. Check the box beside Trend Micro Antivirus.

    Enable Trend Micro Antivirus in Login Items

    If Trend Micro Antivirus is missing:

    1. Click the + icon.

      Add Trend Micro Antivirus in Login Items

    2. Select Applications, then double-click the Trend Micro folder.

      Find Trend Micro in Applications Folder

    3. Choose Trend Micro Antivirus, then click Add.

      Add Trend Micro Antivirus in Login Items

  5. Open Trend Micro Antivirus again and check if you still see the error message.
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