You received the following error message on your Trend Micro WiFi Protection app:

Cannot Connect to the VPN

This issue happends because of the following reasons:

  • your Wi-Fi is unsupported
  • your connection is unstable
  • an additional action is required in completing Wi-Fi connection

  1. Open your web browser and check if you can access any websites.
  2. If you see a Captive Portal, follow the flow to establish the Wi-Fi connection.
  3. Wait for a minute. The Trend Micro WiFi Protection will reconnect to the VPN.
    If it is still not connected after several minutes, do the following:
    1. Restart your Trend Micro WiFi Protection app.
    2. Manually connect to the VPN by tapping on the VPN switch. If you still see the same message, reinstall the VPN profile:
      For Android devices
      For Windows devices
      For Mac devices
  4. If you still cannot connect to the VPN, switch to another Wi-Fi network.
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