Webcams, or web cameras, are connected to the Internet. An attacker could steal your privacy information or use it as a springboard for other attacks. Make sure your webcam is kept safe from these attacks.

Best practices to protect your webcam

  • Connect your webcam to a WiFi with strong password.
  • Always make sure your webcam is updated to the latest firmware.
  • Give permission to access your webcam only to trusted websites and applications.
  • Cover the lens or turn off the camera when not in use.

Protect your webcam with Home Network Security

Use Trend Micro Home Network Security to shield your smart home including your webcams and other connected devices from security threats.

Here's how to enable its powerful features:

  1. On your mobile device, launch the Home Network Security app.
  2. Tap the Menu icon, then tap Settings.
  3. Enable the following features:
    • Go to Threat Blocking, then turn ON Network Protection .
    • Go to Access Control, then turn ON New Device Approval .
    • Go to Device Scan, then turn ON Password Check and Vulnerability Check .
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