If you accidentally deleted the original copy of your Order Confirmation Email after purchasing Trend Micro products and services online, you can download a copy and check other information provided in the email.

For Online Purchases

  1. Go to
    • For Credit/Debit Card users:

      Type the email address and the last 4 digits of your credit card you used upon purchase.

    • For PayPal account users:

      Type the Order Number and the password provided in the last Order Confirmation email you received for the purchase or renewal of your subscription.

      If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot your password?" below to retrieve it.

    • NOTE:This password is different from the Trend Micro account password and is typically provided in the order confirmation email when the subscription is first purchased.
  2. Click the FIND ORDER button.
    It will show you the Order Details.


  3. Click the View Invoice button for the full details of your order. You can also download a copy.


    The format of the downloaded file is in .pdf.
    The name of the file starts with GCIN.

For Retail Purchases

If you bought your Trend Micro subscription from a retail store, go to that store again and ask a copy of your receipt.

For Past Year Invoices

If you need an invoice for a past purchase or have lost your order number and password, contact our Technical Support team for assistance.

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