Wi-Fi SSID (Service Set Identifier) is the technical term for your wireless network name which you will see when you connect your device to your wireless home network.

What is the risk of using a default Wi-Fi SSID?

Hackers can easily find and take over your wireless network to steal sensitive data by using a password-cracking tool which has the default and most common Wi-Fi SSIDs.

What is the recommended Wi-Fi SSID?

When you set up a wireless home network, it is recommended to use a unique Wi-Fi SSID to distinguish your home network from other networks. The more unique it is, the better.

How do I change the Wi-Fi SSID?

  1. Using your computer or mobile device, open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome), then log in to the Admin console of your home router.

    Different router manufacturers have different ways of logging in to the Router Admin Console. You may refer to your Router Manual for more details. The most common is

  2. Go to Wireless menu option.
  3. Change the default SSID name in the Wireless Network Name (SSID) field.

    Other router manufacturers follow a similar path to the SSID. Check the website of your router manufacturer or the Router Manual for more details.

  4. Click Save or Apply. Some routers need to reboot for the settings to take effect.
  5. Reconnect your devices using the new Wi-Fi SSID.