Blocking unwanted and annoying websites on Mac can...

  • keep your children from visiting adult content.
  • keep yourself from wasting time in visiting websites that makes you unproductive.
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Create a blocklist with Mac Parental Controls
Create a blocklist using a Host File

I have Antivirus One installed

Antivirus One provides the easiest way to block websites on your Mac. With just three simple steps, you can block websites easily and effectively:

  1. Open Antivirus One.
  2. Click on the Web tab, then click the icon of the Websites on black list will always be blocked. option.

    Websites on black list will always be blocked

  3. Type the website you want to block inside the field, then click Add.

    Type the unwanted website

Free Tool to Block Websites

Use Trend Micro Family for Kids - Safe Filter to filter out explicit content on the Internet.

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