Default Collection

Cleaner One Pro for Mac automatically collects and transmits the following data, some of which may be considered personal data in certain jurisdictions, after installing/enabling the product. It is necessary to collect this data to provide the security functions on this product. Therefore, you cannot disable these features. If you do not want Trend Micro to access this data, you should uninstall and stop using the product.

To see where this data is processed, refer to our list of data centers and authorized data subprocessors and their locations.

License Management


License Management uses collected data to activate customer’s license and verify that the license is valid.

  • Email address
  • Device name
  • Device GUID
  • Language

This feature cannot be disabled.

NOTE: Only applicable when the customer is trying to activate the license to unlock full features of the product.

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Configurable Features

Cleaner One Pro for Mac includes the following features, which may collect and transmit the following data, some of which may be considered personal in certain jurisdictions, to Trend Micro. You can disable any of these features at any time to prevent the corresponding data from being sent to Trend Micro.

App Manager


This data is collected to analysis which application vulnerability is the most frequently detected.

  • Application Vulnerability IDs

Main Window > App Manager

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Technical Support


This data is collected to help customers for support purposes.

Trend Micro Technical Support uses GUID, token ID and session ID to identify a unique customer and a unique support troubleshooting session. The GUID is encrypted and cannot be decrypted.

If the user does not want Cleaner One Pro to collect the email address, the user can leave the email address field empty when filling out the feedback form.

  • Hashed GUID
  • Token ID
  • Session ID
  • Language
  • OS version
  • App ID
  • App name
  • App version
  • Feedback category (e.g. Bug Report)
  • Feedback comments
  • User email address (optional)
  • Debug log (optional)
  • Crash dump (optional)
  • Troubleshooting files

Technical Support data cannot be configured. If you do not want this information to be collected, please do not contact Trend Micro by feedback window in the app. You can get support service via other channels.

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