You see this error message when installing the Trend Micro program on Windows:

Installation Incomplete, please use the Uninstall Tool

Why did this happen?

There are remnants of previous versions of the program that prevents the installer to proceed.

It is also paired with either of these error codes:

  • #1603, 3003, 0ex0ff0001
  • #1603, 3002, 0xe0220019
  • #1603, 3002, 0xe01a000f
  • #1603, 3003, 0xe0ff000b
  • #1603, 3002, 0xe01a000c

What should I do next?

Run the Uninstall Tool:

  1. Download the Uninstall Tool here.
  2. Double-click Ti_1770_win_en_Tool_UninstallTool_hfb0001.exe.

    Click Yes when the User Account Control window appears.

  3. Follow the instructions to complete the removal.
  4. Run the Trend Micro installer again.

I am using Windows 11

Microsoft recently released an update that conflicts with Trend Micro Security. We are now working on a permanent solution.

To temporarily proceed with the installation, uninstall KB5014019 update.

  1. Press the Windows button on your keyboard, then type "update history" on the search box.

    Search update history in Windows 11

  2. Choose View your Update history, then select Uninstall updates under Related Settings.

    Uninstall Updates in Windows 11

  3. Look for Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5014019). Doubleclick it to uninstall, then click Yes to proceed.

    Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5014019)

  4. Wait until it finishes, then restart your computer.
  5. After restarting, try to install Trend Micro again.

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