You may notice that some of your apps won’t run, open or even crash after upgrading to macOS Monterey.

You might also see this message:

"*App* quit unexpectedly."

Why did this happen?

Your apps might not yet be compatible with macOS Monterey, or it might need updating or reinstalling.

What should I do next?

  • Check with the App Developer:

    Some developers have already anticipated these changes and have already optimized their apps for the new OS. Check the app's official website if they now support the latest macOS update.

    You can also the crash issue to their support website if they soon can provide a fix.

  • Find an alternative app that does the same work but is compatible with macOS Monterey:

    If it no longer receives regular updates, the app developers no longer support it or does not have plans to release a version compatible with macOS Monterey.

    Try to search for other apps that are macOS Monterey compatible which has the same function.

  • Downgrade to macOS Big Sur:

    If you really need to use the app, you may downgrade to macOS Big Sur or the previous one that still supports it.