This article lists the items to check if you encounter any issues when activating Mobile Security for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or when activating your user account.

Tips when activating your license

When an error message appears when activating the app, check the following:

  • Check any typographical errors.
  • If you purchased your Mobile Security from a retail store, the activation code should be activated within 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • Activate your Mobile Security via Activation Portal. Do the following:
    1. Access the Activation Portal.
    2. Type your activation code, then click Next.
    3. Sign in your Trend Micro account. If you don't have a Trend Micro account yet, proceed on creating an account.
    4. Download the Mobile Security app if not installed.
    5. Open the Mobile Security app, then go to Settings.
    6. Sign in with your Trend Micro account to activate the Mobile Security app.

Tips for user registration

When a “format is not correct” error message appears when you register your user account, check the following:

  • First Name and Last Name – make sure to NOT use the following:
    • Double-byte characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean characters)
    • Special characters (&,$,etc)
  • Telephone numbers – make sure to ONLY type numbers. It should NOT contain hyphen (-) or any other characters.
  • E-mail address – make sure your email address contains the following:
    • Alphanumeric characters
    • An @ (at sign)
    • A . (dot) instead of : (colon)
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