You already activated a new serial number for your Trend Micro Security on your computer and registered the Mobile Security app installed on Android device. However, Mobile Security still shows the old expiry date, instead of the new expiry date for the new serial number.

This happens when the same email address was used to register the new serial number and the old serial number. The Mobile Security app is still linked to the old serial number registered under the same email address used for the new serial number.

Activate New Code Manually

  1. Log in to your Trend Micro Account.
  2. Look for the old serial number that was used for your Mobile Security app.
  3. Remove or deactivate the Android device registered on the old serial number that is still active or not expired.

    This procedure will convert your Mobile Security app into the trial version.

  4. On your Android device, Tap Mobile Security.
  5. Tap Buy/Activate.
  6. Tap Use Activation Code.
  7. Enter your new serial number, then tap OK.

    This will register and activate the Mobile Security app under the new serial number.

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