This article shows you how to configure your router to enable the Station Mode 2 in your Home Network Security. Enabling Station Mode 2 is recommended if you are experiencing internet connection issues while using your app.

If you are using Port Forwarding on your router, this function might not work properly if compatibility mode is turned ON.

Enable Station Mode 2

  1. Open your Home Network Security app.
  2. Tap the Menu icon.
  3. Tap Settings.

    Opening the settings of Home Network Security

  4. Tap Station Configuration.

    Opening the station configuration of Home Network Security

  5. Under STATION NETWORK SETTINGS, select Mode 2.

    Enabling Mode 2 on Home Network Security

  6. Click OK to update the station settings.

    Updating station settings on Home Network Security

  7. Wait for five minutes, then test the connectivity status. Tap Test Status.

    Test status on Home Network Security

  8. Tap Test This Device.

    Test status on Home Network Security

    Make sure that your device and Home Network Security Station are connected to the same network.