Kids have been pretty smart in figuring out how a device is used. However technically adept they are, there is a need to filter the contents they can see and read online.

Trend Micro Security comes with a Parental Control feature that allows the guardian to limit the type of websites they can be exposed to.

We looked at the top category of websites blocked with our Parental Control feature and below are the Top 5 as of the first quarter of 2023 (January-March 2023):

Top 5 Websites Blocked by Trend Micro's Parental Control for Kids - Q1 2023

  1. Web Advertisements
  2. Web Access Control
  3. Social Networking
  4. Untested websites (by Trend Micro)
  5. Pornography

Blocked Websites from Social Media

From the data gathered, we learned most of the websites kids access this first quarter are related to Social Media. Web Advertisements, Web access control and Social Networking are all under the Communication and Media category.

While it is a general instinct to block pornography from kids’ access, we can say that only a few have intentionally viewed such websites and then blocked.

Before setting up Parental Controls

The most important thing you need to understand is the purpose of the device and the intent when accessing the Internet before setting up Parental Controls. Every family is unique when it comes to managing their Internet access, and device usage.

It is still up to the guardians on what kind of websites they would like the kids to have access.

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